Dialog drzewa z kamieniem


Dialog between the stone and the tree

70 cm/70 cm
acrylic paint on MDF
text: inscription from the tombstone (matzevah) od rabbi Moshe Isserles (RAMA) (1525- 1572)

"On Lag BaOmer, the 18th day of the month of Iyar 5332 year (11 of May 1572) Rabbi Moses Isserles left this world and was buried under a tree, that took care of his grave [under which he had earlier buried pages from his manuscript].

The tree bothered Hasidic Jews, who pilgrimage to the tomb of Rabbi Moses Isserles, because they could not approach the matzevah from all sides. Therefore, they decided to cut it down.
As soon as the ax struck the tree, a terrible storm with thunder and lightning arose - although before the moment the sky was clear and cloudless. Scared Hasidim fled and since then nobody tried to strike the tree growing over the grave.

During the Second World War the Germans occupying Krakow wanted to destroy the tomb of Rabbi Moses Isserles. But they were not able to do it, because the tree leaned its branches over the tomb so tightly, that the Germans could not see the grave. When the Jews returned after the war to Krakow they found the cemetery completely devastated. The only intact tomb was that of Rabbi Moses Isserles under protection the tree."

Translated from:
Henryk Halkowski, Żydowski Kraków, legendy i ludzie, („Jewish Krakow”) Wydawnictwo Austeria, Kraków 2009