The wedding ring of Creation of the world


The wedding ring of Creation of the world

70 cm /50 cm
ink on paper
test: the poem of Amitay Ben Shefatya (late ninth century) born in Southern Italy, head of the yeshiva in his native Oria. The poem speaks about Creation of the world as a first wedding made by God for Adam and Chava.


The Lord, who revealed the end from
the beginning and from ancient times
prepared what is yet to be, says: ‘My
design shall last for generations to

When He resolved to create the Bridegroom
and Bride, He made all the
necessary provisions, so that their
descendants would be instructed in the
order of marriage.

He build the frame of the celestial roof
and laid its beams; then quickly
constructed their bridal bower and
created light to shine upon their

The Benign One saw that everything
was now beautiful, and the table set
with many fine dishes, but as yet no
bride and groom stood under the

He made the groom more radiant than
the globe of the sun […]

Then, placing him in the precious
bridal bed, He put him to sleep. He
took one of his ribs, and dressed it up
as a girl; He bathed her, anointed and
adorned her, and plaited her hair. […]

Her husband found her lovely and
delightful, and God Himself gave them
His perfect blessing. And all responded:
‘Let the groom rejoice with his bride!’

He told His groomsmen to set the
jewelled table, to put benches and soft
chairs all around it, to serve the meat
and pour out fine wine. […]

The ‘pure ones’ have made this their
custom for all generations: to betroth,
to consecrate with a ring, and to rejoice
in their marriage within the bridal
chamber. […]

May You always grant Your loved ones
a happy end, so that they may declare
Your unity forever. Now all rise to
sanctify You with fear and trembling.

(from: Hebrew Verse, ed. by T. Carmi, Penguin Books 1981)