Ewa Gordon

Graphic art designer, calligrapher, Hebrew language translator of classical Jewish religious texts from Hebrew to Polish.

She finished High School of Art and five years study at Hebrew Language Department of The Warsaw University. She works as a lecturer and teacher of Classical Hebrew Grammar, Jewish Literature and Art and Hebrew Calligraphy in cooperation with Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, "Austeria" Publishing House and JCC Krakow.

In 2019 she published the first Polish textbook for Hebrew calligraphy, along with a translation of Keset Hasofer – The Inkstand of the Scribe, a legal handbook for scribes, the classical work written by Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried in 1835.

Works of Ewa Gordon are her own ideas based on the traditional rules of Hebrew calligraphy. She uses texts from Tanach, Talmud, Jewish prayer book and other Jewish sources. The pictures are made using traditional calligraphic pen, with acrylic paint on fiberboard or inks on paper. Her works are in private collections in England, U.S.A., Israel and Poland.

Books translated/or written/or illustrated by Ewa Gordon:
Jewish prayers (Verbinum, in cooperation with Maciej Tomal PhD)
Bereshit (Pardes Lauder, edited by Rabbi Sacha Pecaric)
Introduction to Talmud (Pardes Lauder)
Haggadah for Pesach (cooperative translations, Pardes Lauder)
Zemirot Sbabbat with Birkat Hamazon (Pardes Lauder)
Shemot (Pardes Lauder, edited by Rabbi Sacha Pecaric)
Book of Esther (Pardes Lauder)
Boook of Rut (Pardes Lauder)
Pirke Avoth (Pardes Lauder)
Siddur for weekday and Shabbat (Pardes Lauder and as a
Szaarej Teszuwa (edited by Warsaw Jewish Community)
Taryag Mitzvot (Austeria)
Boi Kala! Zemirot Shabbat (Austeria)
Blessings for every occasion (Austeria)
Passover Haggadah (2008 Austeria) translated also illustrated by Ewa Gordon
Sheva Brachot (Austeria)
Cemetery prayers (Austeria)
Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (ŻIH - Jewish Historical Institute)
Tzur Levavi
– 130 Jewish Songs
Megillat Esther with Rashi and Talmudic aggadot
Derech Eretz Zuta
Yidisher Zoo
– illustrations to poems for children (2016 Czulent Jewish Association)
Hebrew calligraphy & Keset hasofer (The inkwell of a sofer) – manual for Hebrew calligraphy with Hilchot STA”M (Scriptum)

Solo exhibitions:
1997 Krakow (Jewish Culture Festival)
2001 Wroclaw
2002 Lodz
2002 Krakow (Jewish Culture Festival)
2003 Krakow (Jewish Culture Festival)
2004 Krakow (The Association of Polish Artist and Designers ZPAP)
2005 Krakow (Alchemia)

2017 JCC Krakow

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